Organic Skin

The project started as a journey to examine the role of the architect and a search for ways to understand the realm of architecture. The general idea was to observe living spaces, housing, urban systems, natural structures and the way these spatial systems are designed by us and for us, both shaped by our needs and by our nature and implicitly shaping the way we live. The ordinary, loved, neglected, laden, temporary spacesthat frame our daily lives and routines. The first step was a photographic study of some interesting living spaces, to choose the spacial system that attracts me the most and then to have more detailed observations in the system of my choice. During my observations in the city I came across an open air field with reeds and what caught my attention was the paradox of how the reeds grow in the most unexpected places, between buildings and roads and how the interact withthe build environment. Having that in mind I observed the different stages of their growth and analysed it as a structural system, divided in two parts the vertical and the horizontal axis. By isolating these axis I focused on the vertical one and the way it withers as the time goes by. Τhis process resulted in two patterns with a combination of two systems of the reed, one in the early stages of withering and one in the latest. The first pattern came of the combination of the two systems whereas the second with experime tation of the first system. In the final stages of the project the first pattern was used as an exterior building skin and represented in the build environment.