Post Humanism

Lincoln Cathedral was created in 1088 and people visited it as a symbol of faith making the Cathedral one of the most important Buildings of the city. Due to its massive size it was considered to be the second most important man made structure after the pyramids of Egypt, becoming the landmark of the city of Lincoln. The cathedral was chosen as a site because of its importance and because it will give the meaning of rebirth to the post human man and help him to reconceive the human once more. The project deals with the post human concept and supports the idea that the post human age will have an effect in the mutated way of thinking and people will develop multiple personality disorder driven by their society. Today in 2015 is a listed building and under maintenance because of the age of the construction. It is located in the middle of the city of Lincoln and constitutes one of the most well know attractions of the city. The project takes place in 2300 and because of the mental illness of the people the cathedral was forgotten and turned into ruins. It will stand as a site for a mental facility that will help to overcome and be cured from multiple personality disorder.