Olympic Machinery

This project takes place in the abandoned Olympic Complex in Athens, built in 2004. Revisiting this site, nowadays, in 2015, what one observed, were empty, destroyed spaces, that didn’t remind me at all the Olympic Games of 2004. In my route at the Olympic Complex, I came across with a swimming pool area, that was clearly falling apart. At that moment, I decided to transform this whole place into a memorial spatial system, which translates through the existing water, the old seen of Olympic Games. The basic design aim was to reuse existing Olympic structural elements, as the swimming diving boards and their staircases, the pool as more as the seats, in a way to create a virtual machine, which reconstructs, new public environments for the nowadays social needs. In advance, all the garbage as well as the dirty water, located inside the empty swimming pool, in¬spired me to use them as social evidences and memorial traces. Therefore, I reused them, and I placed them as parts of the virtual machine. Lastly, a signifi¬cant role for my proposal, played the dirty water inside them pool which was considered as Olympics’ Spirit “DNA”, which provides me all the necessary informa¬tion about the athletic emulation.