Creative Nest

The visual qualities exploration offers unique views in the vertically from the micro scale of the levels starting from the ground floor, then the trees through the first floor to the macro scale gazing of the city. The particular navigation process reveals of the fact that Peckham is an area surrounded by green urban environments in south London with great views of the London center. The circulation gives the feeling of circulating through different metropolitan urban development in the center.

The idea of a metabolic structure using structurally and spatially an enclosed tower trunk of short stairs in order to take the elevators access point. The pods create a sense of privacy even in a quite crowded place. The test of visual clarity is defined by a brass welded framework where semi transparent elastic fabric is applied by being stitched on it. While, layer of fabric is covering the background, the particular part becomes blurred. It looks as if almost if fades and vanishes from the application of several fabric layers.

Primary design intensions outcomes:

  • Provide a direct access from the rye lane by the northern disused facade.
  • Use of existing access by Bussey building
  • Use Bussey’s disused facade to attach and support housing
  • Extend the lift’s size and use it as a ay of heavy object lifting from Copeland. As well as connect the existing crafting and creative users with the new programme
  • Use the rooftop for proposal as a gap with the least use height on the top of the building.